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  • Configuring PHP on Windows Systems

    Though not necessary, running PHP on your home machine can make development much quicker and easier. Without affecting the actual website, you can edit files and execute them locally, uploading all to the server when finished. This article will cover the installation of Apache and configuration of PHP on your local Windows machine.

    Published: January 15th, 2009 by:
  • Load RSS Feeds into PHP Arrays with lastRSS

    RSS Feeds are a great way to keep up with the latest news and blog sites, but we can also use them to bring data into our PHP applications. In this article, I will show you how to load any RSS feed into variables that you can manage in PHP.

    Published: January 6th, 2009 by:
  • Locate the Nearest Radar Station and Display Radar Images

    Including up-to-date radar images on your website is easier than you might think. In this article, I am going to share where you can get radar images for free for US radar sites and even share some sample code that will fetch the closest radar site by lat/lon and display it on your website.

    Published: January 2nd, 2009 by:
  • Very Basic Pie Chart

    Pie chart, circle graph, call it what you want, but these charts are loved by descriptive statisticians across the world for their instant appeal to the viewer’s eyes and inferential mind.  Though descriptive statistics can be deceiving, pie charts, created in this article with the GD library, easily describe the data in a very literal […]

    Published: December 30th, 2008 by:
  • How to Get the Geographic Location of an IP Address

    An IP address used to mean nothing to us, other than where they are in the cyber world, but it is now possible to find out where they are in the real world, using databases that are freely available. In this article, I will disclose where you can get a free database that will tell […]

    Published: December 26th, 2008 by:
  • Histograms – Remember the GD library?

    Better recognized perhaps as “bar graphs” to most people, in the world of statistics, histograms provide a graphic representation of a set of data.  This graph can be used to make inferences about the data and draw conclusions about the sample and population.  In this article, we’ll dive into a few new functions available as […]

    Published: December 23rd, 2008 by:
  • How to Post Data and Fetch Remote Pages from PHP Scripts

    There are times where a PHP script needs to fetch the HTML from a remote page, or even post some data to a remote location. Learning how to use cURL or fsockopen() can be time consuming and unnecessary. There is a nice PHP class called Snoopy that can take care of all these functions very […]

    Published: December 18th, 2008 by:
  • Scatter plots – An Application of the GD Library

    Easily the most useful application of the GD library is the ability to dynamically output clean, sharp graphs and charts.  A scatter plot, the plotting of points based on an independent variable and the dependent variable (usually X and Y), is a great application that uses several common GD functions and is useful for data […]

    Published: December 16th, 2008 by:
  • Working with Images – Introducing the GD Library

    There are hundreds of libraries available to add on to the PHP base, and GD is just one of those with thousands of possibilities.  Used to process images and even dynamically create and output graphics, the GD library is relatively easy to learn with distinct potential in the graphics world. In this article, I will […]

    Published: December 9th, 2008 by:
  • Run CodeIgniter from the Command Line / SSH

    CodeIgniter has quickly become my favorite framework to use when coding applications in PHP. CodeIgniter makes it way too easy to follow the MVC approach, maintain modulated code, and to also have access to several additional helpers and libraries. But, there was one major flaw: The inability to easily access via the command line. Why? […]

    Published: December 1st, 2008 by: